Mark is a strategic, goal-directed branding expert and client service professional with a flair for both the art and science of marketing. During his 15+ year career he has helped grow numerous brands, including Nando’s Canada, where he served as Marketing Director from 2005 to 2012.

At concerto, Mark collaborates with our clients, team members and partners to ensure the delivery of insightful and highly actionable research, strategy and brand consulting services. He also works with our team to help select concerto clients achieve their messaging and creative goals.

Mark first joined the firm in 1999 and stayed through 2005. A desire to gain experience building a singular brand prompted Mark to join Nando’s in 2005. Two brands and eight years later, Mark rejoined  concerto in 2013, where he has worked on a wide range of accounts including Rogers Group Financial, Granville Island Brewing, WMC (formerly Western Management Consultants) and Triton Environmental Consultants.

Mark’s specialties include branding, franchising, partnerships and strategic messaging. He is an extremely client and results-focused individual, and he
holds Bachelors of both Arts and Law.

"...there is no substitute for stakeholder engagement when it comes to building powerful, enduring brands."