Concerto helps reconnect family, food and fun

better-together-bc1Last week, concerto was involved in the launch of Better Together BC, an initiative by the BC Dairy Foundation and the BC Ministry of Healthy Living & Sport to help encourage family meals. Why encourage family meals? Because research has shown a clear link between eating meals together and a multitude of mental, physical and social benefits.

Better Together BC was the culmination of eleven months of research, strategic planning and brand development undertaken by the team at concerto . From building a model of meal motivations, to creating a brand that encourages eating together; this project was a great example of acting with certainty.

Below is a presentation that shares some of our research on family meals. If you’d like more information on this research, or tips on how to reconnect family, food and fun, you should check out Better Together BC.

Nick Black Posted By: Nick Black on Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at 4:11 pm
Vice-President at Concerto Marketing Group, Nick Black's expertise is in market research and strategy.
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